The modular software platform D-Lab with its compatible sensors support researchers and developers in many different ways to reach excellent results at their daily work.


Scientific results about the interaction between people and their environment or with technical products are the basis for the development of future technology like e.g. robotic or IoT (Internet of things). The same applies to the areas of human and sport science. Fundamental scientific knowledge about human behavior is a basic necessity for the development and improvement of training-, learning- and education methodologies. The software platform D-Lab as well as the sensor portfolio from Ergoneers and partners of Ergoneers supplies the platform to generate reliable and comprehensive scientific results.


The area of transportation contains all topics dealing with mobility. Minimizing distraction and care about safety issues count the most. But ease of use, design and esthetics are playing an essential role too. Humans have to be in the center of the development of new mobility concepts and vehicles. That is the reason for a user centered development and the need of a deep understanding of human vehicle interaction. Therefore, both is required, the measurement of technical data like GPS-coordinates or speed as well as the behavioral data of humans interacting with the product. Gaze behavior and physiological data in specific situations are just two examples for it. The software platform D-Lab enables to synchronously store and analyze all these data.

Market Research

It is common practice to increase sales figures by influencing peoples decision-making process. This starts with packaging and designing the product and ends with the optimum position in the shelf or online shop. Market research– and usability studies deliver the required insights needed. Gaze behavior, movement patterns and physiological data can be captured and analyzed with the software platform D-Lab and provide the necessary background for interpretation.


The development and improvement of training methods, development of sports equipment and rehabilitation activities are just some examples of the biomechanics and sports area. Getting a holistic overview of human’s behavior is the basis for evaluation and improvement. This requires a software platform which enables you to synchronously store and analyze data like e.g. gaze behavior or body movement. D-Lab is exactly this and much more.


  • Automatic analysis of night studies
  • Analyze football with eye tracking
  • Combine eye tracking with video observation
  • Calculate cognitive workload with ICA
  • Ergoneers App “SensorConnect” & Empatica
  • Faster analysis of eye tracking data
  • Mobile eye tracking in dynamic environments
  • Real car studies with D-Lab and Mobileye
  • Real-world eye tracking
  • Tobii glasses work with D-Lab