Record simultaneously your measurements, videos and observations, and take advantage of CAPTIV’s multiple display and analysis features !

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  • CAPTIV is your flexible and modular software and hardware toolkit.
  • Collect multiple synchronous measurements (3D motion, EMG, ECG, temperature,…) with our wireless T-Sens sensors applicable to all kinds of projects and contexts.
  • CAPTIV is also compatible with numerous other third-party sensors and measurement devices: “Glasses” or remote eyetrackers, electromyography, MoCap, EEG, …
  • CAPTIV is your single software for synchronizing, displaying, analyzing and processing your data: highlight the key points in your study, and integrate them easily into your own reports and documents.
  • CAPTIV is developed by TEA in partnership with INRS.


    CAPTIV Solutions main features

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    Wireless measurements

    Enregistrement synchronisé :

  • des mesures de nos capteurs T-Sens, en temps-réel avec notre récepteur T-Rec ou en post-synchro assistée depuis notre datalogger portatif T-Log,
  • de nombreux autres périphériques compatibles et interfacés (eyetrackers, EEG etc).
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    Multiple videos

    Compatible with all types of cameras: DV camcorders, smartphones, GoPro®, webcams… with perfect synchronization.

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    All data is synchronized to the millisecond in CAPTIV, regardless of their format and sampling rate.

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    This Task Analysis module enables the encoding of detailed visual behavioral observations.Included in CAPTIV-L7000 and L7000-Premier, and available stand-alone in CAPTIV-L2100 software.

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    CAPTIV is compatible with any eyetracker, whether « Glasses » or remote.

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    A data processing library is included for the most demanding professionals:

  • Mathematical processing (amplification, offset, dérivée, intégrale,…)
  • Calibration tools (MVC, 0-100%, …)
  • Processing of physiological signals (RR intervals, Arousal estimation, HRV,…)
  • Filters and artefacts correction,
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    CAPTIV offers powerful customizable analysis tools for::

  • Studying the recorded signals via multiple statistical indicators (mean, median, min, max, etc),
  • Segmenting a recording via multi-criteria thresholds,
  • Defining a subject’s behavioral strategies,
  • Making correlations between several signals and video observation data.
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    CAPTIV includes a variety of customizable “1 click – 1 report” analysis modules, for the immediate synthesis of your recordings, in support to your activities and expertise.

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    Data export

    Export in a click all raw data in .TXT, .CSV or in your preferred formats for your reports and specialist software: Matllab, OpenSim, 3DStudioMax, Unity3D…