Product Overview

Wearable Sensing is proud to present dry electrode EEG systems based on D-Lab Pic 's Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) technology

  • Dry Electrodes: High quality through-hair EEG without skin abrasion or gels
  • High-Fidelity EEG signal: Comparable to that obtained with wet electrodes
  • Low Noise: Patented circuit design reduces environmental noise
  • Practical EEG Headsets: Self-donned in less than 5 minutes and comfortable for hours
  • Wireless: Integrated amplifiers, digitizers, and Bluetooth transmitters
  • Motion Artifact-Resistant: Mechanical isolation enables ambulatory use

  • This technology is currently available in three systems:

    D-Lab Pic D-Lab Pic D-Lab Pic

    D-Lab Pic