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If you want to analyze a persons behavior, one of the most common methods to do so is eye tracking. Calculating fixations, visualize heat maps or understand what people don’t see by looking at a shadow map are just a few examples what eye tracking can do for you. And because we offer a range of eye tracking solutions it doesn’t matter if you want to do your study in a lab, in the real world or even in the virtual reality. D-Lab Eye Tracking is the right solution for you.

D-Lab Eye Tracking comes in three different versions: Head Mounted, Remote or Virtual Reality. Find out how eye tracking can support you in your studies by selecting one of the three different methods above.


  • Automated analysis of glances towards Areas of Interest
  • Quick and easy calibration (online and offline)
  • Multi remote eye tracker support
  • Synchronization mit Motion Capturing Systemen
  • EN ISO 15007 conforming measurement and analysis


  • Market research
  • Ergonomics
  • Vehicle research (cars, trucks, construction vehicles, utility vehicles)
  • Airplane research
  • Railway research
  • Usability
  • Behavioral research
  • Perception research
  • Monitoring rooms
  • Design clinics
  • Teaching and learning research
  • Sport and biomechanics research
  • Animal behavior
  • Medical research
  • Virtual reality & augmented reality
  • Architecture/building/exhibition studies
  • Production ergonomics and workplace design
  • Realtime Gaze Control
  • Behavior in virtual environment
  • Games testing
  • Testing of virtual shelfes and virtual supermarkets
  • Evaluation of virtual design concepts
  • First test of new product ideas
  • Test of early interface designs