Eye-Tracking data is one of the most valuable input to analyse human behaviour. Especially if the study is supposed to be executed outside the lab and moving into the real world, mobility is the key. Regardless if it is a sports, market research or other dynamic environment, Dikablis Professional Wireless is made for any kind of mobile or remote Eye-Tracking studies.


Dikablis Professional Wireless is a turnkey solution for various mobile eye-tracking applications. The Eye-Tracker is designed to be worn over glasses, powered by a battery pack to do more than 2h of continuous recording and is slip resistant to make sure the recorded data is precise. Together with our measure and analyse Software D-Lab3 you can enjoy live view while the participants are not even in sight distance.


  • Binocular eye-tracking with 60Hz each eye
  • Full HD Field cam
  • Live view
  • Can be worn over glasses
  • All data is stored in raw format
  • Recalibration can be done even after the study
  • Freedom of movement
  • Individual adjustment of Eye and field cams

    Dikablis Professional is available in two different versions:

  • Cable version for Lab studies
  • Wireless version for real world studies

  • All our Dikablis Eye-Trackers come with D-Lab 3 Eye-Tracking Head Mounted Essential. The Eye-Trackers are ready to be used “out of the box”. Together with other D-Lab 3 modules synchronous recording and analyzing of different channels like Video, Physio or Audio is just a few clicks away.


  • Analyse human behaviour in dynamic environments
  • Market Research
  • Sport Studies
  • Communication Research
  • Use blending mode with other data
  • Design Clinics
  • and many more